First, it is severe and will disappear, God willing, and the opportunity now is for the business owner to plan the opening day again.

We would love to stay in touch with you and put forward some ideas that may benefit many project owners about what can be done now, beyond the total ban.

1. Brainstorming to develop the project according to the new market requirements.

2. Business sizing:

We must put before us the reality that the volume of sales may or may not return with its previous strength, and therefore we must prepare to acclimatize, and have an implementation plan:

A) business as before, b) weaker business return.

And we are preparing to take quick and decisive decisions, such as reducing the number of workers, reluctance to sell (or move), changing sources of supply, etc.

3. Communication:

If your project doesn’t have a social presence, it’s a good opportunity to start now. There will be fundamental developments in social media channels to serve entrepreneurs around the world. And it is possible that some have witnessed the update of Instagram, which allows the service of requests through the company page directly.

4. online:

Establishing your online store is a very easy process these days through specialized companies such as Zaida and Tabcom (Kuwaiti companies with high experience and excellent service)

5. Health and food safety systems:

Consumer loyalty and confidence goes to those who provide their services according to health principles first, and then to those who are distinguished by their products.

Therefore, the opportunity must be seized now by the owners of food projects to be educated about the ISO 22000 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Identification System) systems in particular, and to learn about food safety issues in general.

These systems have certificates provided by specialized companies and recognized by the relevant global bodies, to give them to those who apply the standards, and they also help companies to qualify to follow those standards and then obtain certificates.

It is also expected that these systems will develop to keep pace with current events, and the scientific and technical discoveries that have resulted from them.

Be ready to get those confessions, there’s time now.



a. Restructuring:

Each nature of work and according to the size of the project has different needs.

But with the development of electronic services, and services provided by specialized companies in their fields, the modern management of projects has formally approved the use of third parties to carry out work that previously “must” and that a person be employed for them.

Such as financial management / accounting: its counterpart is the use of automated systems for those who are familiar with financial matters (online book keeping), or the appointment of a financial services company. Usually, these companies serve projects of all sizes and with fees that may be equal to or less than the cost of an employee (with taking into account vacations, end of service, and privileged).

Personnel affairs and government transactions (delegates): There are companies specialized in providing these services as well, without the need to employ a person or persons who may cause burdens on the project budget.

Especially for small and medium projects, as the least expense can burden the project.


B. Distance working:

For years, tech companies like Google, Uber, GoDaddy, and others have been adopting the principle of working remotely (one way or another). And this crisis taught us that there is a lot that can be done remotely, whether in the same country or even in another country. And this is one of the strategies for restructuring jobs between the duty of physical presence and what can be accomplished remotely, which leads to reducing the need for office space and reducing the clause of rent, or even the independence of those spaces for storage, for example, or simply using the services of people remotely for a nominal fee.

7. Project Sale / Close:

Some people may have decided to abandon their project for any reason. To sell any project, the owner of the project must have all the data documented in an official way or at least in an organized way for the investor to see.

And in the event that you decide to close (liquidate) your project as well, you must start by terminating your project’s contracts with any party, and preparing for your next steps after the ministries start to work.

We wish all success and success, and we ask God to you of goodness and benefit wherever it is.

Nawaf Al Arbash

Kuwaiti Federation of Restaurants, Cafes and Catering

Small and Medium Enterprises Committee